Match Results


Club Eustis Gun Club
Date 05/01/2024
Match Director John Young - FL
Environment Outdoor
Class Unlimited
Match Info An email will be sent out at 8AM on Wednesday one week prior to the upcoming match. Reply to that email with your name, ARA number, and class that you want to shoot.
All matches are open to the public.
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Place Competitor Tgt
    Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 John Young - FL 2300-13X 2225-12X 2250-15X 2250-12X 2100-11X 2300-12X     13425-75X 2237.50-75X 144 2381.50-75X 1
2 Barbara Benson 2200-5X 2050-6X 2200-10X 2150-13X 2250-10X 2300-12X     13150-56X 2191.67-56X 132 2323.67-56X 0
3 Don Hardeman 2150-8X 2300-15X 2050-6X 2200-9X 2350-7X 2050-7X     13100-52X 2183.33-52X 120 2303.33-52X 0
4 Kimberly Lytle 2250-10X 2075-9X 2175-15X 2300-12X 2100-6X 2050-8X     12950-60X 2158.33-60X 108 2266.33-60X 0
5 Martin Bickford 2200-7X 2150-13X 2175-10X 1975-7X 2100-12X 2225-11X     12825-60X 2137.50-60X 96 2233.50-60X 0
6 Doug Voda 2200-11X 2050-7X 2050-10X 2050-10X 2300-13X 2150-10X     12800-61X 2133.33-61X 84 2217.33-61X 0
7 Stephen George 2050-10X 2175-7X 2225-12X 2100-4X 2000-9X 1900-5X     12450-47X 2075.00-47X 72 2147.00-47X 0
8 Lee Methvin 2300-7X 1700-4X 2075-9X 2150-11X 2325-11X 1875-8X     12425-50X 2070.83-50X 60 2130.83-50X 0
9 Mark Harrison-FL 2060-10X 2150-9X 1975-9X 2075-10X 2100-5X 1925-7X     12285-50X 2047.50-50X 48 2095.50-50X 0
10 Jonathan Linforth 2300-13X 2075-8X 2000-8X 1800-3X 1825-8X 2025-6X     12025-46X 2004.17-46X 36 2040.17-46X 0
11 Tom Michenzi SR 1950-4X 1850-7X 2200-14X 2125-9X 1575-2X 2050-11X     11750-47X 1958.33-47X 24 1982.33-47X 0
12 Keith Laylon 1735-7X 1620-6X 1485-3X 1775-7X 1625-1X 1310-3X     9550-27X 1591.67-27X 12 1603.67-27X 0