Please read the information provided regarding rules, hosting matches, and shooting ARA to see if your question is answered in the appropriate section.  If not, you may find your answer here.  We want all information about ARA to be clear and understandable.  If your questions are not answered after visiting this website, please email support@AmericanRimfire.com and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.


1.  How do I contact ARA?

ARA Business Office

P.O. Box 777

Winters, TX 79567




2.  How do I become a sanctioned ARA Club? 

Complete the ARA Club Sanction Form 

Pay an annual Club Sanction Fee

Study the ARA Rule Book and sign the Match Director Agreement


3.  Do Sanctioned Clubs have to use the electronic scoring system?

No.  It is recommended but not required.


4.  How much does it cost to get the OnTarget electronic scoring system?  And, what all do you need?

Here is a list of what you need and approximate costs:

*PC or Laptop with Excel -- Usually a club member has one you can use for free.  If not, a laptop can be purchased for $400 or less.

*Scanner --  You will need a good scanner.  Any of the "all in one" Brother scanners that have a flatbed for 11 x 17 documents will work. 


*OnTarget Electronic Scoring Program -  $300 one-time charge.  Check the Supplies & Training page for more information.

*Benchrest ScoreKeeper - Visit the Match Director Resource Portal for FREE access to the program and instructions.


5.  What does the ARA target look like? And where do I get them?    

The official ARA Unlimited Class Targets & Factory Class Targets are a blue bull on white 11x17 paper.    

The official ARA Targets may be ordered ONLY from Killough Shooting Sports.


6.  How are the ARA targets Scored?

*A Scoring Bull  rubric is located on each target for easy reference.

*Scoring is based on the worst edge of the shot.

*An “X” takes out the center dot.

*The total score includes points and X count.

*Scoring Tutorials including a Scoring Certification training and quiz are available in the Match Director Resource Portal but may be accessed by anyone.

*Clubs are encouraged but not required to use electronic scoring.

*Section 15.0 of the ARA Rule Book covers official scoring rules.


7.  How is the A-Line figured?   The following answer is copied from Section 24 of the ARA rule book.

24. A/Line Calculations

The A/Line is the ARA method of ranking each competitor on a National basis for the Unlimited and for the Factory Classes. Each class will be kept independent from the other 

The A/Line is computed using the following formula: 

A = number of points earned at match events. 

B = points earned divided by the number of events entered. 

C = number of events in which you compete. 

D = the number of different ranges at which you compete. 

E = is the sum of A+B+C+D. 

F = is the square root of E. 

G = is your raw aggregate score.

H = F multiplied by G. 

The square root of H is the A/Line, carried out to four decimal places.


8.  How is the Agg-Line figured?  Review Section 25 of the ARA Rule Book for details.


9.  How do I qualify for a State Champion?  The following answer is copied from Section 25 of the ARA rule book.

25.3.A State Champion must have completed at least 20 targets in the state and in the class in which he or she seeks a championship title. If a state has less than 

20 targets available at clubs within that state, the Champion must have completed at least 50% of the total scheduled targets available within that state in that class. 

25.3.1. Unlimited State Champion is determined by ranking the state competitors based solely on AGG+POINTS earned from the Unlimited Class competition in that state. 

25.3.2. Factory State Champion is determined by ranking the state competitors based solely on AGG+POINTS earned from the Factory Class competition in that state.


10.  What do I do with a 2500 target?  

If you shoot a 2500 target in a sanctioned match, the match director should follow the procedures in the ARA Rule Book section 19 & the training document titled 2500 Target Labeling, Mailing, & Certification.  A RECORD target is a 2500 that ties or beats the X Count of the current record as posted on the Record section of the ARA website. All Record Targets must be mailed to the ARA office following the ARA Target Labeling & Mailing guidelines.


11.  Where can I get help setting up the scoring program?

The ARA Match Director Resource Portal has print and video instructions.

Contact Dawn Killough for further assistance. support@AmericanRimfire.com   325-939-0154.


12. What rifles are allowed in the Factory Class?


Review the Factory Class Approved Rifle List for the list of approved Rifles not in production as well as any exceptions to the rule. Also, read the Factory Class Rules in Section 8 of the ARA Rule Book.


Check the list BEFORE calling, emailing, or submitting the Approval Request Form. 



13.  How do I file a complaint about a club, match director, competitor, or ARA Management?

If you see or experience an obvious violation of rules at an ARA event, you must immediately bring it to the attention of the Match Director in charge.  If, after expressing your concern, the situation is not resolved, then complete the Grievance Form.  If you have a specific complaint against ARA Management, complete the Grievance Form.  Filing a grievance with ARA is the best way to make a problem known and the only way an ARA representative will respond.  We do not read the public forums and will not respond to any claims made on public forums.  Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to investigate and address any issues that arise.