Match Results


Club Element Training Complex
Date 04/06/2024
Match Director Jack Chase
Environment Outdoor
Class Unlimited
Match Info We have one relay beginning with setup at 7:30am and first shots at approximately 8am. 25 shooters max per match.

Pre-registration is MANDATORY on Practiscore. All matches are located at the web link below.


Place Competitor Tgt
    Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 Robert Bass 2100-8X 2125-10X 2125-8X 2050-9X 1950-8X 1800-7X     12150-50X 2025.00-50X 96 2121.00-50X 1
2 Kimberly Lytle 1925-7X 2100-9X 1975-10X 2075-7X 1950-7X 2075-9X     12100-49X 2016.67-49X 84 2100.67-49X 0
3 Jerry Purvis 1650-5X 2350-13X 2175-8X 1825-8X 2150-9X 1860-6X     12010-49X 2001.67-49X 72 2073.67-49X 0
4 Jack Chase 1950-6X 2300-12X 1775-7X 1850-5X 1900-9X 2000-5X     11775-44X 1962.50-44X 60 2022.50-44X 0
5 Jimmy Norris 1950-4X 1950-7X 1825-6X 1860-8X 1935-5X 1725-4X     11245-34X 1874.17-34X 48 1922.17-34X 0
6 Brian Norris 2000-6X 2050-7X 1825-6X 1710-5X 1800-6X 1850-4X     11235-34X 1872.50-34X 36 1908.50-34X 0
7 Lee Brown 1870-6X 2000-8X 1550-6X 1620-7X 1675-3X 1800-6X     10515-36X 1752.50-36X 24 1776.50-36X 0
8 Chris Swol 1650-4X 1625-0X 1125-2X 1265-1X 1155-3X 1160-2X     7980-12X 1330.00-12X 12 1342.00-12X 0