Eagle Eye Shooting Club

Address and Contact
30 Elk Ridge Rd
Mount Pleasant, Tennessee
Benches: 12
Match Director
Matthew Perry


Oct 8th match

09/24/23 - posted by Matthew Perry

Due to a screwup on my part, the Eagle Eye match for Sunday the 8th is only listed as unlimited. This match will be BOTH Factory and Unlimited. I'm sorry for the lack of proper information.

Just for informational purposes, I'm going to let you know that we're planning to back our Sunday matches down next year to 4 target matches instead of 6.

I will also be experimenting with running separate matches for Factory and unlimited, so that we can determine if we have people that would like to shoot both. We will see how they go early next season and adjust as necessary.

I hope to see you all at the range


text at (931) 638-2712