Big Chief's Rimfire Club

Address and Contact
211 H. Veirs Road
Butler, Kentucky
38.81585, -84.28219
Match Director
Kyle Banks


9/26 6 card club tournament

09/23/21 - posted by Kyle Banks

Draw for benches at 930, shoot promptly at 10, prolly have 10 minutes in between each relays.

Look forward to seeing everyone. We plan to have refreshments and something to eat. $30 match fee.

September 12 Shoot

09/07/21 - posted by Kyle Banks

We have decided for this first shoot we will provide lunch and refreshments with the match fees and see how it goes. We plan to have pulled pork sandwiches,chips,sodas, water. $25 dollar match fee will include lunch and drinks.

If this goes well we may/ may not do it every time please let me know your feedback at the match. We aren’t super close to any fast food joints so being as the match will be through the noon hour I figure people may want lunch. I know I’ll be hungry.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the range.