Lubbock Rimfire
Address and Contact
Patti: 806-801-0069; Wade:806-370-0456
20406 CR 2140
Lubbock, Texas
Benches: 10
Match Director
Patti Emmerling
Wade Newton


Competitors - Check your scores and match information!

05/31/24 - posted by Patti Emmerling

Competitors please check your scores and information BEFORE leaving the range. Per ARA rules, scores cannot be changed once the protest period has ended. Clubs (match directors) have 15 days from the date of the match to submit clerical errors (name of competitor, incorrect competitor ID, etc.) to ARA. After the 15 days, all scores and competitor information stands.

Competitors - it is your responsibility to make sure you are using your correct ARA Competitor ID and your information on the match sign-in sheets is accurate. You can do this by looking up your competitor ID on the ARA website before each match. Keep your ARA Competitor ID card in your range bag, with your ammo, or in a location that will be easily accessible for each match.

ARA Matches - Lubbock Rimfire at 41 Lead Farm

01/30/23 - posted by Patti Emmerling

Lubbock Rimfire holds ARA Sanctioned Matches several times each month. Start times differ depending on Winter Hours and Summer Hours for the range. The start time listed on the ARA Match schedule is when we start shooting; you need to arrive early to sign in, draw benches, and get set up. Bullets fly on time!

Our matches are limited to 10 competitors and require pre-registration via Practiscore. Match registration via Practiscore helps Match Directors to accurately prepare for upcoming matches and accommodate competitors based on available benches.

Registration for LR matches can be found on Practiscore:

Matches are held at the rifle range, under cover, concrete benches.

Register with ARA to get your ARA Member number. There is no cost to register with ARA. ARA registration is simple; follow this link: