Match Results


Club Eustis Gun Club
Date 04/17/2024
Match Director John Young - FL
Environment Outdoor
Class Factory
Match Info An email will be sent out at 8AM on Wednesday one week prior to the upcoming match. Reply to that email with your name, ARA number, and class that you want to shoot.
All matches are open to the public.
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Place Competitor Tgt
          Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 Ken Lloyd 2500-2X 2500-2X 2425-3X           7425-7X 2475.00-7X 33 2508.00-7X 11
2 Richard Davis 2450-0X 2450-2X 2400-2X           7300-4X 2433.33-4X 30 2463.33-4X 3
3 David Mcmillian 2325-1X 2450-0X 2325-3X           7100-4X 2366.67-4X 27 2393.67-4X 1
4 Colleen Fuhs 2325-1X 2400-2X 2275-0X           7000-3X 2333.33-3X 24 2357.33-3X 1
5 Stuart Brown 2350-2X 2275-1X 2350-1X           6975-4X 2325.00-4X 21 2346.00-4X 0
6 Lowell Chick 2300-3X 2200-1X 2325-2X           6825-6X 2275.00-6X 18 2293.00-6X 0
7 Pat Flickinger 2125-0X 2450-2X 2225-0X           6800-2X 2266.67-2X 15 2281.67-2X 1
8 Jonathan Linforth 1970-0X 2350-1X 2400-1X           6720-2X 2240.00-2X 12 2252.00-2X 1
9 Tom Vollman 1935-0X 2125-0X 2175-0X           6235-0X 2078.33-0X 9 2087.33-0X 0
10 Larry McIntyre 1470-1X 2360-1X 2185-0X           6015-2X 2005.00-2X 6 2011.00-2X 0
11 Greg Reed 1925-1X 1850-0X 1925-0X           5700-1X 1900.00-1X 3 1903.00-1X 0