Match Results


Club Eustis Gun Club
Date 04/01/2024
Match Director John Young - FL
Environment Outdoor
Class Unlimited
Match Info An email will be sent out at 8AM on Wednesday one week prior to the upcoming match. Reply to that email with your name, ARA number, and class that you want to shoot.
All matches are open to the public.
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Place Competitor Tgt
          Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 Sherman White 2200-9X 2350-10X 2300-12X           6850-31X 2283.33-31X 36 2319.33-31X 0
2 John Young - FL 2350-14X 2350-13X 2100-9X           6800-36X 2266.67-36X 33 2299.67-36X 0
3 Tim Longcore 2010-13X 2300-13X 2350-14X           6660-40X 2220.00-40X 30 2250.00-40X 0
4 Doug Voda 1900-7X 2350-17X 2350-13X           6600-37X 2200.00-37X 27 2227.00-37X 0
5 Stephen George 2250-13X 2100-11X 2150-11X           6500-35X 2166.67-35X 24 2190.67-35X 0
6 Don Hardeman 2200-10X 2250-11X 2025-6X           6475-27X 2158.33-27X 21 2179.33-27X 0
7 Jonathan Linforth 2275-11X 1925-8X 2075-11X           6275-30X 2091.67-30X 18 2109.67-30X 0
8 Theodore Long 2225-9X 1950-6X 2100-11X           6275-26X 2091.67-26X 15 2106.67-26X 0
9 Phil Fiedler 2000-6X 2100-9X 1800-4X           5900-19X 1966.67-19X 12 1978.67-19X 0
10 Keith Laylon 1975-7X 1950-10X 1950-6X           5875-23X 1958.33-23X 9 1967.33-23X 0
11 Mark Harrison-FL 2150-12X 1825-7X 1825-6X           5800-25X 1933.33-25X 6 1939.33-25X 0
12 Ron Deak 1460-3X 1400-4X 1260-1X           4120-8X 1373.33-8X 3 1376.33-8X 0