Match Results


Club Escondido Fish & Game
Date 02/10/2024
Match Director Bret Rotheram
Environment Outdoor
Class Unlimited
Match Info Please email the Match Director to sign up for a match. Competitors must be singed in by 7:30am the day of the match.


Place Competitor Tgt
        Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 Larry Stainbrook 2300-16X 2075-6X 2150-8X 1875-7X         8400-37X 2100.00-37X 24 2124.00-37X 0
2 Bret Rotheram 1950-5X 2150-11X 1825-7X 1750-6X         7675-29X 1918.75-29X 20 1938.75-29X 0
3 Pattie Thrapp 1725-5X 1785-7X 1535-5X 1535-4X         6580-21X 1645.00-21X 16 1661.00-21X 0
4 John Mitzel 1620-6X 1695-7X 1585-3X 1545-5X         6445-21X 1611.25-21X 12 1623.25-21X 0
5 William Townsend 1625-3X 1265-3X 1475-1X 1525-4X         5890-11X 1472.50-11X 8 1480.50-11X 0
6 Gary Thrapp 815-2X 1055-1X 1015-2X 755-1X         3640-6X 910.00-6X 4 914.00-6X 0