Match Results


Club Central Texas Rifle & Pistol Club
Date 04/27/2024
Match Director Mike Polk
Environment Outdoor
Class Factory
Match Info Match Fee is $30. Correct change is appreciated. Gates will be open at 11:00am. Setup at noon. Flags and bench may be set up before noon, but firearms can only be brought in after noon due to Cowboy action match being completed. This match will be limited to the first 26 shooters registering.


Place Competitor Tgt
        Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 Robert Scott 2350-1X 2275-0X 2175-0X 2235-1X         9035-2X 2258.75-2X 36 2294.75-2X 0
2 Paul Odom 2200-2X 2250-1X 2250-1X 2085-0X         8785-4X 2196.25-4X 32 2228.25-4X 0
3 Terry Kleypas 2250-0X 2450-0X 2135-0X 1935-0X         8770-0X 2192.50-0X 28 2220.50-0X 1
4 Bill Odom 1935-0X 2275-1X 2400-1X 1950-2X         8560-4X 2140.00-4X 24 2164.00-4X 1
5 Charles Maley 1960-1X 1960-0X 2025-0X 2275-1X         8220-2X 2055.00-2X 20 2075.00-2X 0
6 Jim Davis 1935-0X 2050-1X 1975-1X 1935-1X         7895-3X 1973.75-3X 16 1989.75-3X 0
7 Fran Barletta 1195-0X 1645-0X 1860-0X 1935-1X         6635-1X 1658.75-1X 12 1670.75-1X 0
8 Nolan Carmichael 2200-1X 2150-0X 1780-0X 50-0X         6180-1X 1545.00-1X 8 1553.00-1X 0
9 Ryan Armstrong 1345-0X 1585-0X 1460-1X 1480-0X         5870-1X 1467.50-1X 4 1471.50-1X 0