Match Results


Club Element Training Complex
Date 01/06/2024
Match Director Jack Chase
Environment Outdoor
Class Factory
Match Info We have one relay beginning with setup at 7:30am and first shots at approximately 8am. 25 shooters max per match.

Pre-registration is MANDATORY on Practiscore. All matches are located at the web link below.


Place Competitor Tgt
    Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 Joe Haywood 2350-1X 2450-0X 2325-1X 2275-0X 2500-2X 2400-0X     14300-4X 2383.33-4X 48 2431.33-4X 7
2 Kyle Rogers 2375-2X 2150-1X 2375-0X 2400-0X 2400-1X 2200-0X     13900-4X 2316.67-4X 42 2358.67-4X 2
3 Jake Schoener 2200-1X 2225-0X 2400-2X 2275-3X 2400-0X 2300-0X     13800-6X 2300.00-6X 36 2336.00-6X 2
4 Leon Rowe 2400-1X 2500-1X 2225-2X 2275-0X 2350-0X 2025-2X     13775-6X 2295.83-6X 30 2325.83-6X 6
5 Christopher Clay 2260-1X 2275-0X 2135-2X 2010-0X 2250-1X 2260-1X     13190-5X 2198.33-5X 24 2222.33-5X 0
6 Charles Huebner 2075-2X 2125-0X 2100-0X 1950-0X 2400-2X 2175-1X     12825-5X 2137.50-5X 18 2155.50-5X 1
7 Jack Chase 2125-0X 1825-0X 2260-0X 2210-0X 2135-0X 2150-0X     12705-0X 2117.50-0X 12 2129.50-0X 0
8 Daniel Steyaert 1675-0X 1645-1X 1495-0X 1845-0X 1875-0X 2175-0X     10710-1X 1785.00-1X 6 1791.00-1X 0