Match Results


Club Big Chief's Rimfire Club
Date 07/01/2023
Match Director Kyle Banks
Environment Outdoor
Class Factory
Match Info Factory State Tournament. $40 to shoot. Please email,call or text to reserve a


Place Competitor Tgt
    Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 Brad Sandy 2450-3X 2400-1X 2350-0X 2450-1X 2500-3X 2500-0X     14650-8X 2441.67-8X 108 2549.67-8X 14
2 Tommy Brooks 2500-1X 2350-0X 2450-0X 2300-1X 2100-0X 2300-2X     14000-4X 2333.33-4X 96 2429.33-4X 6
3 Darrin Herald 2225-2X 2100-0X 2400-0X 2350-1X 2450-0X 2450-1X     13975-4X 2329.17-4X 84 2413.17-4X 3
4 Tony Kautz 2400-0X 2300-1X 2175-1X 2175-2X 2300-1X 2300-0X     13650-5X 2275.00-5X 72 2347.00-5X 1
5 Max Dixon 2250-0X 2250-1X 2325-1X 2375-2X 2125-1X 2300-1X     13625-6X 2270.83-6X 60 2330.83-6X 0
6 Ernie Debord 2125-2X 2375-0X 2350-1X 2160-1X 2160-0X 2200-1X     13370-5X 2228.33-5X 48 2276.33-5X 0
7 Paul Shoemaker 1950-1X 1860-0X 2350-0X 2450-3X 2300-2X 2075-1X     12985-7X 2164.17-7X 36 2200.17-7X 1
8 Dave Bachman 2200-2X 2400-3X 2200-1X 2125-0X 2150-0X 1825-1X     12900-7X 2150.00-7X 24 2174.00-7X 1
9 David Barnes 1635-0X 1875-2X 2175-2X 2085-0X 1820-0X 1745-1X     11335-5X 1889.17-5X 12 1901.17-5X 0