Match Results


Club Eustis Gun Club
Date 03/01/2023
Match Director Tom Vollman
Environment Outdoor
Class Factory
Match Info WWW.EGCRIMFIRE.COMRegistration opens at 8AM on the Wednesday before the Match.


Place Competitor Tgt
            Total Agg. Pts. Agg. + Pts. HOF
1 Joe Adams 2400-1X 2400-0X             4800-1X 2400.00-1X 8 2408.00-1X 2
2 Marty Goodman 1910-1X 2075-1X             3985-2X 1992.50-2X 6 1998.50-2X 0
3 Lowell Chick 1540-0X 2250-1X             3790-1X 1895.00-1X 4 1899.00-1X 0
4 Greg Ogden 1835-1X 1935-0X             3770-1X 1885.00-1X 2 1887.00-1X 0