I Want to Shoot ARA

* There is no membership fee to join ARA.


* Each ARA Club will charge match entry fees.  The fee charged is set by the individual club.  The club is responsible for sending in the required fee per shooter per target to the ARA business office along with the official match results. Results may be emailed to support@AmericanRimfire.com


* Register online here.  The ARA Competitor ID you register with will be the ID# used at all matches you attend.  It will be associated with all your ARA scores.  You must use the same ID# each time you shoot.  Your ID# is 4 numbers plus 3 initials.  Usually, a participant chooses to use the last 4 digits of their social security number and their 3 initials.  However, you may choose any numbers and letters you want as long as you can remember it and it isn't already in use by someone else.  EX:  1234ABC  


* Find an ARA Club in your area

* Start an ARA Club in your area

* Know the ARA Rules

Approved Factory Rifle List 

*Official Targets are blue bulls printed on 11x17 paper.  Purchase official targets at Killough Shooting Sports.com

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