I Want to Shoot ARA

* There is no individual membership fee to join ARA.


* Each ARA Club will charge match entry fees.  The fee charged is set by the individual club.  


* Register online here.  The ARA Competitor ID you register with will be the ID# used at all matches you attend.  It will be associated with all your ARA scores.  You must use the same ID# each time you shoot.  Your ID# is 4 numbers plus 3 initials.  Usually, a participant chooses to use the last 4 digits of their social security number and their 3 initials.  However, you may choose any numbers and letters you want as long as you can remember it and it is not already in use by someone else.  EX:  1234ABC  


* Find an ARA Club in your area

* Start an ARA Club in your area

* Know the ARA Rules

Approved Factory Rifle List 

*Official Targets are blue bulls printed on 11x17 paper.  Purchase official targets at Killough Shooting Sports.com