Rio Salado Sportsman Club
Address and Contact
3960 N Usery Pass Road
Mesa, Arizona
N 33.4887,W 111.6255
Benches: 30
Match Director
Frank Goff


Match Profilles

03/14/22 - posted by Frank Goff

Our current match profile is as follows:
Unlimited and factory class shooters are shooting together in the ARA matches. Match shooter limit is 24 total shooters. Please refer to our match calendar on the ARA web site for the dates and target numbers match information.

The match location is at the Small Bore Range at Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa, AZ. Both Rio Salado members and non members are welcome to shoot in the match. Non-members pay a slightly higher fee for match fee's.

Range safety rules are our top priority and will be strictly followed by all shooters. Please ask the MD if you need safety rule clarifications.

Our ARA shooters volunteer for our target scoring team and will score your targets after the match shooting is complete. Wes Stewart is in charge of our computer scoring system.

We work very hard to do the target scoring as quickly and accurately as we can. You must be present after the scoring team is finished to review your target score accuracy for any protest or math correction. All results are finalized after the review period. We want you as a shooter to enjoy the match safely and to go home with all the points you have earned.

Further information:
Frank Goff MD - call/text 505-314-5880
Robert Rinsem MD -factory class-call- 480-917-8465